Bearbrook VR Feb
5km 28/02/2021

Race Information

Race Name Bearbrook VR Feb
Race Type Virtual Road
Race Distance 5km
Race Date 28/02/2021
Start Time

Race Details

Bearbrook monthly virtual race event. General Rules: # Performances should be submitted online through the website or emailed to # You may submit a result in the month and keep replacing it should you better the time. # Safety – Athletes MUST avoid popular running/walking routes or busy parks. # Be considerate to other people by keeping a 2m (minimum) distance at all times when passing in public. # Do not drive somewhere to run unless absolutely necessary – stay close to home or your usual training venue. # ALL runs must start and finish at around the same point – either lapped or out and back. # Lapped off-track courses must not include laps of less than 1km. # Runs must take place off track. # Club organised events can be used and counted, e.g 5 Mile EA Relay. # All current & future changes to government guidelines regarding physical distancing must be strictly adhered to. # Results will be available on the website like any other race would be # League tables will be produced and shared on facebook

Race Results

Name Category Finish Time Finish Position
Rob Palmer V40 00:18:01
Helen Mulhall 00:18:50
Craig Fines-Allin 00:18:58
Chris Butler 00:20:22
James Powell 00:20:47
Angie Nuttall 00:21:39
Gary Sparkes 00:22:29
Kathy Klein 00:22:51
Sarah Greer 00:23:08
Ian Higginson V45 00:23:11
Anna Fryer 00:23:35
Tony Barrows 00:23:49
Peter Hooper 00:24:39
Clive Pittam 00:25:53
Sandra Hall 00:25:56
Sarah Hooper 00:26:14
Sarah Corcoran 00:26:56
Angela Turnbull 00:27:22
Claire Curteis Waite 00:27:32
Hayley Sheppard 00:28:15
Ron Simmonds 00:28:56
Jean Garrett 00:29:42
Lisa Ripley 00:29:42
Alison Ashbolt 00:31:02
Sarah Hart 00:31:39
Julie Butler 00:36:04
Gail Walshe 00:41:03