Triathlon Club
Bearbrook Triathlon Club

Bearbrook Running club has been established for well over 20 years now and far from being a one trick club many of the 200 strong Bearbrook runners are already well into their multi sport with many excellent and admirable results over the years.  From absolute beginners through to super experienced Ironmen and women who have worn the illustrious UK vest.

As of the 2013 AGM Bearbrook made it official and affiliated ourselves to British Triathlon so can train insured, but more importantly it gives us permission to talk tri and really kick start own own club.  

Anyone who is a member of Bearbrook Running club is automatically a member of the tri club.

The main benefits are the potential to learn, train, improve and crucially enjoy all that the Triathlon world has to offer. 
The below training plan is fairly concrete however there are ad hoc sessions which are regularly organised via facebook so please do request access to be a member of that group so you're fully in the loop.

Run Training:

This is the beauty of Bearbrook Triathlon Club - whether you are a complete novice or a seasoned pro the link with Bearbrook Running Club ensures that there should be a session or 5 every week that should cater for your needs by offering a challenge and some enjoyment.  Please look at the training page for more details on the planned runs.

Bike Training

During summer we organise various ad hoc group rides so keep your eyes peeled on Facebook and feel free to sew who's up for joining you on or off road!

Swim Training:  

Tuesday & Thursday Mornings every week: meet at Aqua Vale at 6:45 for a planned swim set which takes between 45mins-1hour planned by Sarah who is more than willing to offer any tips.  This is an unofficial session but we usually are able to acquire 2 or 3 lanes each of different ability so anyone should be able to come along and enjoy swim training in a group rather than just knocking out lengths on your own.

Sessions are rotated between Drills; Endurance; Mixed Intervals.

Regular lake swims are organised ad hoc through Facebook in the summer.


The Bearbrook Tri Club Committee

James Powell - Coordinator

Paul Knowler - Lead Coach 

Sarah Marsh - Swim Leader

Bike Leader - Tim Rial