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For 2024 there are 3 awards centered around your race results within the club, the Championship, the Handicap and the Cross Country. The top 2 in both events will be recognised and receive their awards at the annual awards night.

Championships run from 1st January - 31st December.


The Championship

The road league championship will be based upon any road race of standard distance, 5km to 20 miles, accurately measured and certified, plus any one marathon may be counted towards the championship. Points will be allocated for each race with the best six races being taken as the final points tally.  Multi-Terrain races do not count towards the championship.  The Club Results Officer will be the final arbiter on the eligibility of a race for inclusion in the championship.

Races included
  • Road races only
  • 5km, 5 miles, 10km, 10 miles, Half Marathon, 15 miles, 20 miles, Marathon
  • Best 6 races used as points tally
  • Only 1 Marathon may be counted
  • Points will be based upon age-graded performance (AGP), which is a percentage value based on the tables created by World Masters Athletics (WMA). AGP allows easier comparison of competitor's results regardless of age, gender or distance.
  • Bonus points awarded for either a lifetime PB or Age Category PB.
  • PB points will not be awarded the first time you run a distance.
  • APB points will not be awarded the first time you run a distance in any age category.
  • Distance bonus points of one point for every 3 miles added to total


Handicap 2024

The purpose of this award is to take into account how well competitors have improved from previous years. The Handicap points are the same as the Championship points multiplied by your handicap score.

Competitors will be given a handicap based upon their best times for a 10km road and half-marathon race during the past 4 closed years. This has been temporarily increased from 2 years to 4 years due to members running fewer races following COVID.

Scenario 1 - You have not run a 10k or half marathon within the past 4 years. You will not have a handicap bonus.

Scenario 2 – You have only run a 10k or a half marathon within the past 4 years. You will have a partial handicap bonus.

Scenario 3 - You have run both a 10K and a half marathon within the past 4 years. You will have a full handicap bonus.

It is in everyone’s best interests in terms of getting a favourable handicap bonus to have run both a 10k and a half marathon within the previous 4 years.
Note that handicaps are calculated on your best time in 2023. If no time has been recorded in 2023, the best time in 2022 is used, and so on, until 2020.

Races included
  • Same as Championship
  • Same as Championship
  • Same as the Championship except your total race points will be multiplied by your handicap %


Cross Country

The Cross Country championship will be based upon a series of selected races (see below) for which points will be allocated. The best overall points tally from any six races will count towards the championship. Points will be based upon Age Graded Performance, which is a percentage value of the UK best performance for a competitor's age group and gender. The age-graded scores will be increased by a predetermined "level of difficulty percentage" that is based on the degree of difficulty of each racecourse.

Races included
  • Cross Country races listed below
  • Chiltern League Races
  • Wendover Park run (from the two dates below)
  • Best 6 races from the list below used as points tally
  • This can be any combination of XC races including Chiltern League races and Wendover Parkruns listed below.
  • Races not in the list below do not count.
  • Based upon age graded performance your total race points will in addition be multiplied by the level of difficulty % for the course
Race(s) Difficulty % Dates for 2024
Bucks County XC Championship 17 Sat 7th January
Chiltern League - Cassiobury Park Watford 20 Sat 13th January
Chiltern League - Shottover Hill Oxford 20 Sat 10th February
Ashridge Boundary Run 11 Sat 23rd March
Hardwick X-Stream 13 Sun 24th March
Beaconsfield 5 mile 10 Mon 1st April
Wendover Woods Parkrun 11 Sat 27th Apr
Gaddesdon Gallop 5K & 10K 10 Sun 12th May
Bledlow Ridge Off-Roader 10K & Half 12 Sun 19th May
Otmoor Challenge 10K & Half 8 Sat 1st Jun
Coombe Hill Fell Race 17 Sun 2nd June
Cliveden XC 16 Sat 8th June
Aldbury 5 mile 15 Sun 16th June
Watlington Summer 10k 14 tba
Wendover Woods Parkrun 11 Sat 21st September
Shardloes 10k 11 tba
Ley Hill Challenge 17 tba
Ridgeway Run 12 tba
Chiltern League 20 October
Frieth Hilly 10k 12 Sun 20th October
Buckingham 10k 10 tba
Wendover Woods Half Marathon & 10K 17 Sun 3rd November
Chiltern League 20 November
Dirt 1/2 Marathon 7 Sat 16th November
Herberts Hole Challenge (Chesham) 14 tba
Rugged Radnage 10K 13 tba
Watlington Winter 10K 14 tba
Chiltern League 20 December


The Phil Woodage Trophy

This new award aims to recognise member's racing endeavours and to recognise those that engage in supporting club events and meets. Points are awarded every time race participants wear the Bearbrook vest. In this way, especially locally, we hope to increase the visibility of the club to potential new members and thereby encourage membership growth. Points are also awarded to those who 'don' the marshal vest or assist with the running of Bearbrook events and meets, the success of which, relies entirely on club volunteers. Since points are awarded for participation, not race times, everyone has an equal chance to win this prize. In true Phil Woodage fashion, especially at club running events, greater participation helps promote team spirit whereby we can all realise our running ambitions, share our running successes and disappointments and establish lifelong friendships.

  • 3 points for wearing the club vest during any officated race including Parkruns
  • 10 points for volunteering for the Hardwick X-Stream, Bearbrook 10K, Ridgeway, Bearbrook Dualathlon. Other Bearbrook events may also be included
  • 5 points for bringing up to one family member/friend to volunteer at one of the Bearbrook events
  • 1 point for Mon/Wed/Sun Run Leaders and Tail Enders


Members are reponsible for making sure race times and events are recorded correctly on the Results page

Any questions about any of the championships please email them to the Championship Officer.