Data Protection Policy

Bearbrook Data Protection Policy

1) To be able to effectively run our club we must keep certain personal data about each member in our records. The law requires that we have a policy showing how this data will be handled.
2) This data will be available to committee members and with the committee’s permission to other club members when felt necessary.
3) All members of Bearbrook are enrolled with English Athletics (EA) and the Rivets Sports and Social Club (RSSC). Those in the Triathlon Club are enrolled with Triathlon England (TE) as well. The information we hold will also be passed on to these organisations. It will not be passed to any other organisation without your permission.
4) The information the club holds is:-
members name
date of birth
e-mail address
telephone number and mobile
name of EA affiliated clubs to which you are a member
details of any coaching or run leading qualifications or training experience
5) When you join Bearbrook you will be asked to agree that we hold this information about you and that we have your agreement to pass it on to EA, RSSC and TE. We will also ask you every two years to confirm that the information we hold is correct and that you continue to allow us to share it with EA, RSSC and TE. If you do not provide this information or not allow us to share it with EA, RSSC and TE we will not be able to enrol you in the club.
6) We will keep the information you provide in secuely protected computer file. If you provide the information in written or e-mail form we will copy it to the computer file and then destroy the written record or delete the e-mail no later that six months after receiving it.
7) You may ask the membership secretary at any time to supply you with a copy of the information we hold about you. The information held by EA, RSSC or TE can be checked via their web sites, the links to which are given on our web site.
8) If you choose not to renew your membership we will delete the information we hold after two years of you leaving.