Ridgeway Relay
28th June 2020

The ridgeway relay is a relay race that constists of 10 different stages, each stage is off-road and follows the Ridgeway National Trail with the exception of a few small deviations. The legs vary in length from 5.4 miles to 11.0 miles
If you are interested in the event there will be messages and facebook posts about it early each year with the race taking place in June.
The race itself is a team event, each team has 10 members and you are assigned to a stage/leg (which you have some degree of say in). We strongly recommend you recce the route, whether that be on your own, using a gpx on your watch which you can download online or buddy up with someone from the club that's happy to show you your route.

As a club we enter 3 different teams each year;
1 x Vets team
1 x Ladies team
1 x Mixed team

On the day a minibus is put on by the club which you are welcome to use, it leaves rivets at 6:30am. It will follow the runners to the start and end points of each leg to drop and pick people up where required. The minibus will continue onto the finish and afterwards you may shower at the leisure center before a chip shop call is made on the return journey. You can make alternative arrangements with friends/family to drop and pick you up from your legs if you prefer.

If competing in this event it is mandatory for you to wear a club vest.

Stage Overviews

Official Documentation

Ridgeway relay website



Start PointEnd PointRouteApprox. Start Time of legMass Start Info
 Stage 1 10.64 start end route map  7:30am  
 Stage 2 5.89 start end route map  8:30-8:50am  
 Stage 3 9.33 start end route map  9:35-9:50am  
 Stage 4 5.33 start end route map  10:55-11:05am  
 Stage 5 10.66 start end route map  11:45-11:55am  
 Stage 6 10.27 start end route map  12:55-1:20pm  
 Stage 7 9.1 start end route map  2pm  2pm mass start
 Stage 8 7.84 start end route map  3:15-3:30pm  
 Stage 9 10.67 start end route map  4:25-4:35pm  
 Stage 10 9.34 start end route map  5:30-5:45pm  5:45pm mass start if your team isn't here   yet


Start times of legs are harder to predict for the later stages especially if your team misses a mass start. All runners should give themselves plenty of time at the start to collect their race number and use the toilet (nearby bush) as required.