Stocklake efforts (Marathon and shorter race options)
Flat Efforts

Training Information

Training Name Stocklake efforts (Marathon and shorter race options)
Training Type
Flat Efforts
Training Date 02/04/2024
Start Time 19:00

Training Details

Meet at Jansel Square car park, Bedgrove (HP21 7ES / w3w tester.weeks.hats) at 7pm

Or at the Oakfield Road end of Stocklake at about 7.10pm (w3w expect.gates.whites) NOTE this is the other end from the Citroen garage

Session suitable for all with options for people training for races from 5km to Marathon

10 minute warm up as a group

Marathon/Half Marathon/10 mile option:

6 x 7 mins @ 10 to 15 secs per mile quicker than your goal race pace (2 mins recovery)

5k to 10k option:

5 x 5 mins @ 5k pace (2.5 mins recovery)

The efforts will be an out n back, so the faster runners will go further on the way out and we'll all come back together on the way back

10 minute cool down as a group