Training resumes, hurray!

We are really pleased to announce that Bearbrook is now back running as of Tuesday 30th March. 

We are planning a selection of exciting sessions to ease you all.back in to the world of group running. We don't ask you to wear masks, we're taking a pragmatic but sensible approach, so will of course be outside with plenty of space so Amy risk is minimal which is inline with guidelines. Obvious Covid cavite appllies: if you feel ill or have been in contact with someone who's been ill then please don't attend

We can't wait to get our lovely Bearbrook family all back together for some sweaty lycra based fun. So please check on the Facebook "Bearbrook RC Members Only" page for all the latest details.  

If you're not a member then we would love to welcome you into the gang, so just message one of our run leaders or get in touch via Facebook and we can point you in the right direction for sessions and groups that would be most relevant to you.

Happy running Everyone!