Speed Workout For All Speed Workout 25/06/2024

Training Information

Training Name Speed Workout For All
Training Type Speed Workout
Training Date 25/06/2024
Start Time 18:30

Training Details

Meet outside the front of Buckingham Park Community Centre (HP19 9DZ) at 6.30pm or on the Meadowcroft playing fields at 6.40pm already warmed up.

The run is intervals based (sections of running with rests between) and will be on flat grass.

Workout - 10 min warm up, up to 5 x 3 mins @ 10km pace with 75 secs recovery followed by a two person relay (how many you do and how fast you run is up to you), 10 min cool down.

In our interval workouts we use out n backs or small loops. This lets people run at their own pace, while still keeping everyone close together and creates an inclusive atmosphere of everyone working as one group.

For members and guests to try a few runs with us before deciding if you want to join. Please see https://www.bearbrookrunningclub.co.uk/ for more info about the club.