Rivets @ 7pm
Loop Run
- 02/09/2019

Training Information

Training Name Rivets @ 7pm
Training Type
Loop Run
Training Date 02/09/2019

Training Details

RED TEAM: Complete Beginners - approx 3 miles. Very slow relaxed pace, run/walk, plenty of regrouping. (pace = approx 11min mile or slower)


ORANGE TEAM: Getting stronger - 3-4 miles, running slowly for 2-4 minutes, still plenty of regrouping.


YELLOW TEAM: Improvers - approx 4-5 miles. A little faster, less walking, still plenty of regrouping. (pace = approx 10min mile or slower)


GREEN TEAM: Advanced Improvers - 5-6 miles (pace = approx 9 and a half min mile) regrouping every 3/4 - one mile.


SUPER GREENS: Just getting too good now and showing off! - 5-6 miles @ approx 8.5 min mile, not a lot of regrouping!