Hill Runs

Training Information

Training Name Rivets
Training Type
Hill Runs
Training Date 13/01/2020
Start Time 19:00

Training Details

Hill session adapted to suit a 1 hr session, 15 min warm up to the bottom of Weavers hill (by the Citroën garage) parking can be at Tesco Tring Road or Mothercare. Aim to start at 7.15pm usual start is from 7pm @Rivets with warm up jog to venue.

Reps: 1 min hard up x 2 then 2 min static recovery

          45sec hard x2 followed by 2 recovery

          30 secs hard x2 followed by 2 recovery

          2 mins hard with the last 30 secs flat out... Recover down...

          Jog back to the club