Monday at 8:30pm @ Stoke Mandeville School
Turbo Training (indoor cycling)
- 21/01/2019

Training Information

Training Name Monday at 8:30pm @ Stoke Mandeville School
Training Type
Turbo Training (indoor cycling)
Training Date 21/01/2019

Training Details

Turbo trainer sessions are back!! All abilities welcome and if you are a complete novice to turbo training them I promise you will have a blast.

Venue: Stoke Mandeville School in the village opposite the church.

Time: Starts @ 8.30pm (so the runners can get there) and will last for 1 hour. Please be there in advance to set up your turbo and bike. I will be there from about 8.15pm.

Parking: Drive through the big blue gates to the right of the school and park in the playground. Access to the hall is up the ramp.

What to bring: Bike, turbo, bike shoes, water, towel and warm clothes for after the session. We have 2 club turbos you can reserve - first come first serve.

The cost of the hall is £20 which will be divided between whoever attends, it usually works out to be £2.50 to £4 each depending on numbers...don't forget your change!

Flapjacks available after!

Any other questions or anything I have missed please contact Paul Knowler. Most importantly if you are new to turboing please come along and give it a try, you can work at your own level and those more experienced will give you advice, support and encouragement.