Club Handicap Race
DATE: Sunday 6th October 2019

Sunday 6th October 2019

Time: Stop Watch will start at 9am the estimated finish time for everyone is 10:15am

Number Collection: Open 8:10am - 8:40am @ Rivets

This year we will be allocating numbers to make it feel like a proper race and to make timekeeping easier and giving out medals!


This is our 10K handicaped yearly race and is not like a standard race.  Everyone starts based on their predicted finish times by our supercomputer (Championship Officer) based on everyone finishing at 10:15am. So if your predicted time is 1 hour then you will start at 9:15am, 45 minute predicted runners start at 9:30am and so on. 

There are prizes up for grabs at our annual awards night for the winners of the handicap, the male/female who is quickest vs their target time and the overall quickest male/female so it's well worth the effort!

There is a 5K option available for those perhaps not wanting to do the 10K, there will be no prizes for this race and anyone taking part will be required to start the race with the 1st 10K handicap runners.


  • This race is open to Bearbrook Members only.
  • You must have ran a 10K road race in the current year under BBRC to be eligible for any prize
  • If you haven't ran a 10K in the current year you are still allowed to race, but will be ineligible for any prizes
  • This race does not count towards the Championship
  • You must start the race at your given start time
  • 1st & 2nd Placed Men & Female (determined by their race time)
  • Course Fastest Time Men & Female
  • All runners 5K or 10K will get a Medal

How will my handicap time be calculated?

The following dependencies will be taken into account for each member;

  • All 10K times for current plus last 2 years
  • PB 10K times and when it was set
  • Your current age category
  • Common sense based on knowing the runner

So, if you have a 10K PB of 90 minutes because you did a 10K pacing event or took it far too easy and we know you are capable of faster your handicap time will be reflective of this.

If a runner has no 10K time logged they will automatically start at 60 minutes and not be eligible for winning any prizes.  You have plenty of time during the year to run at least one 10K event which we recommend everyone does to allow you to be able to compete against your fellow club members for prizes.

5K - There is no handicap, it's a striaght up race.

Stop Watch Rulings

This will all be explained on the day, do not worry about grasping it before the event - there are some amongst us that like to know the detail.

  • Stop watch will start at 75 minutes MAX, anyone slower starts at 75
  • If runner has no 10K time this year they start at 60 minutes
  • 75 - their est time = their start time, rounded upto 30 second intervals
  • Finish time is logged based on stop watch crossing line time
  • Finish Time - Start Time = Your Race Time

Members Handicap Data 2019

I encourage you all to look at your data before race day, if you aren't yet eligible to win a prize please go and run a 10K before the 16th Sept and ensure your results are submitted to the club.  You can check whether or not you need to do this here - Time Check

Note: A final file will be uploaded week commencing 16 Sept, in the event of some people logging faster times and becoming eligible.  This info should give everyone plenty of time to complain about their peers start times and for any needed adjustments to be made :-)

Note: Final data is now loaded.

Course Map(s)

Same as last year for those that took part.

We will walk from Rivets to the race start
Through Southcourt stay on the pavement on the left hand side of the road, no cutting corners on the bends and no cutting through the middle of the church - stick to the pavement at all times please.
After crossing the main road and going straight over (NOT Right) you will make your way through the guttmann, once in Elmfarm please stick to the right hand pavements for the remainder of the race.

10K Handicap Route

5K Handicap Route

Same as the 10K, but do not cross under the railway line after the guttman.  Instead take a left and follow the road back to the main road and then to Rivets.