Presentation Evening

Congratulations To All of The Award Winners at this Years Presentation Evening. It was a great evening, throughly enjoyed by everyone.

You can view a few of the pictures from evening here.


Ladies League Championship  Mens League Championship 
Winner  Winner
Helen Mulhall  Dermot Martin
Runner Up  Runner Up
Paula Robinson  Richard Barcock
Ladies League Handicap Mens League Handicap
Winner  Winner
Hayley Sheppard  Chris Butler
Runner Up  Runner Up
Debbie Martin  Garry Mayo
Ladies Cross Country Mens Cross Country
Winner  Winner
Lynn Garricks  Owen Byrne
Runner Up  Runner Up
Laura Gush  Dermot Martin
Ladies 10k Handicap Mens 10k Handicap
Winner  Winner
Hayley Sheppard  Ron Simmonds
Runner Up  Runner Up
Jacquie Creed  Bruce Culbert
10k Fastest Lady  10k Fastest Man 
Anna Fryer  Mike Fryer 
Ladies Triathlon Award Mens Triathlon Winner
Winner  Winner
Corinne Ricciardi  Paul Knowler
Ladies Captain Award  Mens Captain Award
Jo Hercules  Debbie Martin
Ultra Award  Achievment Award 
Maria Russell  Helen Mulhall 
Chairmans Award  
Graham Sanders