Monday road training nights - Covid 19

As we all know there will be some hurdles to cross in order to make sure we are all kept safe.

We will be offering 3 groups for now.
Green, yellow and Orange.

GREEN (6 miles @9/9.30 min mile)
YELLOW(5.5 miles @10/10.30min mile pace )
ORANGE (4 miles @11/11.30 min mile pace)

Apart from the track and trace requirements we will need to know how many run leaders to have ready for you.

Green and yellow paced groups are for instance more popular than the orange pace. So if we don't have anyone wanting that pace one week we can stand down one of our leaders.

For this reason we ask that you reply with your intention by the preceding Sunday evening. According to EA regulations, as long as we are "Covid safe, " with a Risk assessment in place and a Covid Coordinator (Nicky Pittam) we can have unlimited numbers.
Please send your intention to run and in which group via email or text to Lynn (Monday night Captain) or 07779624241
Alternatively if you are on our members fb page please add your name to the weekly poll.

Runs will be from Rivets during these winter months and will still be at 7pm. We would ask that those attending the runs stick to social distancing especially as we will all be meeting up at one place. We will let you know who is leading your run so you can gather in an area with that person on the night.

I know it all sounds a bit ominous, but it needs to be done to protect ourselves, and those who encounter Bearbrook RC on the pavements. On that note can I ask that you wear something visible (Hi viz) if you also have a torch even better!

All our leaders will be carrying PPE, and hand sanitiser will be available before and after the run. There will be no post run stretches and we encourage runners to not congregate in groups after the run session.

We look forward to welcoming you back!