Bearbrook Awards Night

Congratulations to all of the award winners at this years presentation evening and thank you to all those that came.

Bearbrook Running Club Awards for 2018


Ladies League Championship  
Winner   Helen Mulhall
Runner up Paula Robinson
Gentlemen’s League Championship  
Winner Dermot Martin
Runner up Ian Higginson
Ladies League Handicap   
Winner Sarah Corcoran
Runner up  Deborah Martin
Gentlemen’s League Handicap  
Winner Ian Higginson
Runner up Garry Mayo
Ladies Cross Country  
Winner Lucy Rudge
Runner up Anna Fryer
Gentlemen’s Cross Country  
Winner Owen Byrne
Runner up Dermot Martin
Ladies 10k Handicap   
Winner Deborah Martin
Runner up Helen Mulhall
Gentlemen’s 10k Handicap  
Winner James Powell
Runner up Dan Amsbury
Fastest Male 10K Handicap Rob Palmer
Fastest Female 10K Handicap Helen Mulhall
Triathlon Awards  
Gentleman’s Winner  Pedr Morris
Ladies Winner Jill Grey
Captain Choice  
Mens Winner Chris Butler
Ladies Winner Sandra Hall
Members Choice Gail Walshe
Outstanding Achievement Maria Russell
Chairmans Choice Paula Robinson