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Hardwick Cross Country Race

Hardwick Cross Country

Sunday 26 November 2000. 11:00 am
Provisional Results for All Competitors in finish order.Race
NameTeamRace Age Category

10:38:59JONES, TimVale of AylesburyMale Veteran 401911
20:39:09ROLT, AndrewVale of AylesburySenior Men1522
30:40:30GEORGE, PeterBanbury HarrierrsSenior Men1503
40:40:37TAYLOR, NickVale of AylesburyMale Veteran 402124
50:41:07HODGKINSON, PaulSenior Men2185
60:41:09KELLY, TimMale Veteran 402016
70:41:27KNOWLES, TomVale of AylesburySenior Men2057
80:41:48HORTON, JayHeadington Road RunnersSenior Men2178
90:42:27PLESTED, SAllenburysMale Veteran 401799
100:42:52EDWARDS, NeilSenior Men21510
110:43:12LONG, StevesmocSenior Men20811
120:43:25DONOVAN, MichaelSt Albans StridersMale Veteran 4014612
130:43:40ROWLAND, StevenWessex & BathSenior Men21913
140:44:09SIMMONDS, AlanVale of AylesburyMale Veteran 4018914
150:44:36CARR, PhilipCivil Service / Prison ServiceMale Veteran 5023615
160:45:22GREGORY, PaulHardwickSenior Men23916
170:45:31RENATO, GrisoliaSenior Men20217
180:45:48SMITH, GeoffreyBanbury HarrierrsMale Veteran 5015518
190:45:59LEAK, JackieChiltern HarriersFemale Veteran 3523419
200:46:13MCDAID, TonyMale Veteran 4017620
210:46:17HILL, AndrewShires Triers Triathalon ClubSenior Men19521
220:46:36HOWARD, FraserHeadington Road RunnersSenior Men15622
230:47:29LIST, PeterDacorum &Tring ACMale Veteran 4022223
240:47:39WAGLAND, GarethSenior Men20724
250:48:47SHOESMITH, EddieHeadington Road RunnersMale Veteran 5019225
260:48:54DALE, AdrianChiltern HarriersMale Veteran 4024426
270:48:57MADDOX, KWatford JoggersMale Veteran 4022427
280:48:58DAWSON, LiamSenior Men24128
290:49:16COOKE, TonyShenley StridersSenior Men23129
300:49:21SUTER, FaithSt Albans StridersFemale Veteran 4516230
310:49:28SMITH, AlanBearbrook JoggersMale Veteran 5025031
320:49:46JELLIS, Martinleighton buzzard acMale Veteran 5021032
330:49:50MACLEAN, RodHandy Cross JoggersSenior Men16533
340:49:57WILLIAMS, RogerSilson JoggersSenior Men23734
350:50:03CRADDEN, BrendanBearbrook JoggersMale Veteran 5022735
360:50:09VERRALLS, KeithMale Veteran 4024536
370:50:18GREGORY, RHardwickMale Veteran 4020937
380:50:22CRAWLEY, Daveleighton buzzard acMale Veteran 4021138
390:51:23BRYAN, JimSenior Men21439
400:51:46ROUND, PatrickMale Veteran 4019640
410:51:48ABERY, CliveChiltern HarriersMale Veteran 4015141
420:51:52SIMMONS, JulieSt Albans StridersFemale Veteran 3524742
430:51:59LAYTON, BrianAmpthill & Flitwick FliersMale Veteran 4018143
440:52:01SHEPPARD, PhilipMale Veteran 4023544
450:52:05ADDISON, IanVale of AylesburyMale Veteran 6021345
460:52:13JONES, PhillipaHeadington Road RunnersSenior Women16646
470:52:16DOWNING, EdwardSenior Men20447
480:52:23ELISTON, DavidSenior Men19048
490:52:32HOOPER, GarethSenior Men22549
500:52:39CHARLES, GailChiltern HarriersFemale Veteran 3518650
510:52:44PALSER, GRAHAMChiltern HarriersMale Veteran 5020651
520:53:37LOTT, RogerChiltern HarriersMale Veteran 5022152
Organised by Bearbrook Joggers in association with Whitchurch Cricket Club, by kind permission of Bob Gregory
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