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Hardwick Cross Country 2005

Hardwick Cross Country

Sunday 20 February 2005. 11:00 am
Provisional Results for All Competitors in finish order.Race
NameTeamRace Age Category

10:33:08JONES, OwainChiltern Harriers1301
20:35:45O'GORMAN, EddieChiltern Harriers1232
30:36:33ELLERBY, StuartChiltern Harriers823
40:36:40BEDWELL, ThomasChiltern Harriers1374
50:36:53STAINER, PeterShaftesbury BarnetMale Veteran 401205
60:38:14EARLEY, StephenRoad Runners Club646
70:39:02BYRNE, OwenBearbrook JoggersMale Veteran 40447
80:39:30ANSELL, RickTring Running ClubMale Veteran 4078
90:39:48MEDORI, LidoMilton Keynes ACMale Veteran 40929
100:40:10CHESTNEY, JonGarden City RunnersMale Veteran 409310
110:40:41WHELAN, AlanTring Running Club11111
120:40:49HILL, AndrewTring Running Club7312
130:41:10RICHARDS, NeilThame Road RunnersMale Veteran 4014513
140:41:32DERBY, NigelChiltern HarriersMale Veteran 4013114
150:41:35ROONEY, TerryVale of Aylesbury16615
160:41:53EMMET, MarkThame RunnersMale Veteran 40416
170:42:02SWAIN, AlanMale Veteran 40917
180:42:12CALLAGHAN, Martin15418
190:43:19FOSKETT, RichardHerts PhoenixMale Veteran 5011219
200:43:32EGAN, ChrisTring Running Club6120
210:43:40ADAMS, Ben16921
220:44:05HOWITT, DavidNorth Herts Road RunnersMale Veteran 5010222
230:44:35MARGOT, MichelleHandy Cross Joggers11923
240:44:54HAYLOCK, AdamWooton Road Runners16324
250:44:56WHATTON, DaveNorthampton Road RunnersMale Veteran 403825
260:44:58DALE, AdrianChiltern HarriersMale Veteran 4013926
270:45:05HODGSON, IanTring Running Club7527
280:45:07COATES, JohnRoad Runners ClubMale Veteran 4012828
290:45:45DONOVAN, MichaelSt Albans StridersMale Veteran 405029
300:46:34SAUNDERS, RichardChase Harriers11830
310:46:41HOLMES, David10531
320:46:53RUBERRY, TonyTring Running ClubMale Veteran 401932
330:47:02GIBSON, VikiNorthampton Road RunnersWomen Veteran 3513333
340:47:12PICKEN, John10434
350:47:13ROBERTS, AlanVale of AylesburyMale Veteran 40335
360:47:19KELLY, MikeCE London11036
370:47:27ELLIS, GrahamTopnotchMale Veteran 4014837
380:47:36PIRRIE, DSt Albans StridersMale Veteran 404338
390:48:04SHERWOOD, DanWooly Jumper839
400:48:22LINNEL, Paul11540
410:48:27BRYAN, JimMale Veteran 4012941
420:48:29HUMPHREY, KeithRoad Runners ClubMale Veteran 408142
430:48:31ALFORD, PeterMale Veteran 5014943
440:48:37HUMPHREY, JamieBucks Fire & Rescue4144
450:48:41TARVIT, IanMale Veteran 5014245
460:48:52RICHMOND, NickCE LondonMale Veteran 4010946
470:49:01COATES, PhilSt Albans StridersMale Veteran 4016047
480:49:12GARLAND, MickWycombe PhoenixMale Veteran 401248
490:49:14FILE, RichardMale Veteran 506749
500:49:18SAMUELS, Andy16450
510:49:27LAYTON, BrianTring Running ClubMale Veteran 501051
520:49:33BOSWELL, BenMale Veteran 4013652
530:49:40HILL, SarahTring Running Club6053
540:49:41ROBINSON, TonyShires TriersMale Veteran 4013554
550:49:51DODWELL, Katie12255
560:50:05BARNES, SueVale of AylesburyWomen Veteran 459656
570:50:11HOLT, TimMale Veteran 4015157
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