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Hardwick Cross Country 2006

Hardwick Cross Country

Sunday 19 February 2006. 11:00 am
Provisional Results for All Competitors in finish order.Race
NameTeamRace Age Category

10:33:36ELMORE, RobLeighton Buzzard ACAll Men2011
20:34:48STAINER, PeterChiltern HarriersMale Veteran 40802
30:35:20O'GORMAN, EddieChiltern HarriersAll Men2163
40:35:42ELLERBY, StuartChiltern HarriersAll Men754
50:35:53BEEDELL, ThomasChiltern HarriersAll Men725
60:36:30HARRIS, TimAmpthill & Flitwick FlyersAll Men1856
70:36:43HARTLEY, StephenAmpthill & Flitwick FlyersAll Men1837
80:36:49EARLEY, StephenRoad Runners ClubAll Men468
90:37:38ROGERS, JeremyHighgate HarriersAll Men199
100:38:18BYRNE, OwenBearbrook JoggersMale Veteran 405110
110:38:36BENNETT, MatthewChiltern HarriersAll Men18911
120:38:37FARR, DarrenAmpthill & Flitwick FlyersAll Men9212
130:38:58BROWNING, DavidAmpthill & Flitwick FlyersAll Men18413
140:39:17MEDORI, LidoMilton Keynes ACMale Veteran 401514
150:39:35ROONEY, TVale of Aylesbury ACAll Men23315
160:39:48KELLY, MichaelLeighton Fun RunnersAll Men18616
170:40:30ROONEY, FrankVale of Aylesbury ACAll Men17417
180:40:35MAISEY, DavidUnattachedAll Men20018
190:40:43FERGUSON, JamesVale of Aylesbury ACAll Men20619
200:41:38PATTON, GrahamSphinx ACMale Veteran 608620
210:42:01CLEWS, Graham26.2 Road RunnersAll Men21421
220:42:07BARNETT, SimonTring Running ClubAll Men4822
230:42:08WOODISSE, JamesUnattachedAll Men7823
240:42:09COLBOURNE, SteveSphinx ACMale Veteran 509524
250:42:11O'CONNOR, MichaelVale of Aylesbury ACMale Veteran 4021325
260:42:30ALLEN, SimonBearbrook JoggersMale Veteran 409026
270:42:40JUKA, FranChaseAll Men20927
280:42:58FOSKETT, RichardHerts PhoenixMale Veteran 5019328
290:43:09EMMETT, MarkThame RunnersMale Veteran 40229
300:43:14DONOVAN, MichaelSt Albans StridersMale Veteran 503930
310:43:23STANLEY, DavidAmpthill & Flitwick FlyersMale Veteran 50931
320:43:26KETTLE, PeterHigh Wycombe Hash House Male Veteran 405232

330:43:36RUBERRY, TonyTring Running ClubMale Veteran 404033
340:43:54LUKIC, DeyanBearbrook JoggersAll Men21734
350:43:57PETERS, LouiseStopsley StridersAll Ladies9335
360:44:07WENMAN, DebbieChiltern HarriersWomen Veterans 355036
370:44:11SAUNDERS, RichardChaseAll Men6437
380:44:20ELLERBY, RogerChiltern HarriersMale Veteran 407438
390:44:37BUTT, LauraChiltern HarriersAll Ladies1139
400:44:49MARHAM, DLeighton Fun RunnersMale Veteran 4018840
410:44:54HUMPHREY, KeithRoad Runners ClubMale Veteran 503141
420:45:00BURWOOD, ChrisRoad Runners ClubMale Veteran 405742
430:45:09FRASER, RichardCGF AthleticAll Men17043
440:45:22FOX, StephenUnattachedMale Veteran 4021244
450:46:00ST JOHN, HughUnattachedMale Veteran 502745
460:46:04LAYTON, BrianTring Running ClubMale Veteran 501746
470:46:08EVANS, RichardMarlow StridersMale Veteran 407147
480:46:28GERSHON, MontyUnattachedMale Veteran 4018248
490:46:29RAYNER, MatthewHigh Wycombe Hash House Male Veteran 406049

500:46:30GREENHALGH, AlanUnattachedMale Veteran 4020250
510:46:31BRYAN, JamesUnattachedMale Veteran 4019151
520:46:33HADAWAY, MarkUnattachedAll Men18152
530:46:47MARGOT, MichelleBearbrook JoggersAll Ladies7053
540:46:59PICKEN, JohnUnattachedAll Men1654
550:47:04COWAN, PaulTring Running ClubMale Veteran 4021155
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