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1999 Hardwick Cross Country Race

Hardwick Cross Country Race

Sunday 28 November 1999. 11:00 am
Provisional Results for All Competitors in finish order.Race
NameTeamRace Age Category

10:35:45TOTTLE, PhilVale of Aylesbury AC1291
20:37:24FINCH, SteveBearbrook JoggersMale Veteran 40952
30:37:42TAYLOR, NICKVale of Aylesbury ACMale Veteran 40393
40:37:52LOWE, STEPHENShaftesbury BarnetMale Veteran 40824
50:38:39GEORGE, PeterBanbury Harriers495
60:39:01PARKIN, Simon1436
70:39:12SIMMONDS, AlanVale of Aylesbury ACMale Veteran 40607
80:39:18HODGKINSON, PaulVale of Aylesbury AC988
90:39:36PLESTED, StephenEaling, Southall & MiddlesexMale Veteran 4029
100:39:52IVORY, KennethRAF Bently Priory6410
110:40:05BRITTEN, G.Wooton Road Runners7311
120:40:12CARR, PHILIPPRISON SERVICEMale Veteran 5012112
130:40:16STEPTOE, ColinVale of Aylesbury ACMale Veteran 409213
140:40:34EDWARDS, Neil7414
150:41:58HEFFERNAN, JosieVets ACFemale Veteran 4513915
160:41:59CHESTNEY, JONShenley Striders9316
170:42:04LEAK, JackieChiltern HarriersFemale Veteran 357117
180:42:22WHATTON, DavidNorthampton Road Runners8118
190:42:30COLE, Kevin1719
200:42:56SWIFT, NigelRoad Runners ClubMale Veteran 40620
210:43:01MERRIT, Colin6921
220:43:12MEDORI, Lido4122
230:43:14WILLIAMS, RogerSilson Joggers8723
240:43:22PATTISON, MarkNorthampton Road Runners7624
250:43:37LIST, PeterDacorum & Tring ACMale Veteran 404325
260:43:44JOYNER, RachelShenley Striders2926
270:43:48BAILEY, ColinNorthampton Road RunnersMale Veteran 505227
280:44:14COLLISON, RICHARDTring Running ClubMale Veteran 4013428
290:44:16ABERY, CliveChiltern HarriersMale Veteran 405829
300:44:32EVETT, VernonBearbrook JoggersMale Veteran 5012730
310:44:36ROSE, NigelMarlow StridersMale Veteran 4010731
320:44:41SMITH, AlanBearbrook JoggersMale Veteran 5014132
330:44:48MADDOX, KeithWatford Joggers11633
340:44:50BROOM, PeterDacorum & Tring AC13734
350:44:53MACLEAN, RODHandy Cross Joggers10035
360:44:59MOORE, Lee12636
370:45:18TARVITT, IVale of Aylesbury ACMale Veteran 502637
380:45:22FLAVELL, ChrisRoad Runners Club538
390:45:26MARRIOT, FredNorthampton Road Runners8039
400:45:27HANCOCK, HartleyNorthampton Road RunnersMale Veteran 407540
410:45:29THUBRON, Neil1541
420:45:33SHARPE, RodNorthampton Road RunnersMale Veteran 507942
430:45:48SIZMORE, ROYChiltern HarriersMale Veteran 4012243
440:45:54ROBERTS, ALANVale of Aylesbury AC9144
450:45:59SHUTT, MalcolmWatford Joggers4545
460:46:07ADDISON, IANVale of Aylesbury ACMale Veteran 609046
470:46:12CHUTER, ROBINMale Veteran 6010847
480:46:31DAVIES, JEFFSWINDON HARRIERSMale Veteran 501848
490:46:39PALMER, RodHandy Cross JoggersMale Veteran 5011449
500:46:48LONG, RichardMale Veteran 501450
510:46:56FRYER, DaveTring Running ClubMale Veteran 4013651
520:47:08SUTER, FaithSt Albans StridersFemale Veteran 4511752
530:47:13PALSER, GrahamChiltern HarriersMale Veteran 509953
540:47:17VERRALLS, KeithMale Veteran 4013254
550:47:25STOTEN, PaulTring Running ClubMale Veteran 4010455
560:47:57BRYAN, Jim10356
570:48:06BHOGAL, MickNorthampton Road RunnersMale Veteran 407857
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